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Teacher Resources

Teacher App to Reset Student Password

We have a new tool that enables a teacher or staff member to unlock a student's account, reset the grace logins and temporarily reset the password to a default.


Student Account Reset


Staff members enter their own username and password on the login screen and then enter the student number on the second screen.


Secondary students will receive a password of Pwmmddyy (CAPITAL P, lowercase w, 6 digit birthdate).


Elementary students will get their 6 digit birthdate.



The student can then use the Self Service Password Reset to change their password to something unique. 



The Teacher App can also be found on the Staff page of the district web site.

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School Code: fujory 
MAGIC math centers: xi3e73 
STEM: 6q5ehj 

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Novell Identity Manager / Manage My Network Password

The district has implemented an application called Novell Identity Manager. It is a web-based application that is available on the district's Employee/Staff Portal under "Novell Identity Manager" and/or " Manage My Network Password".

Manage My Network Password

Use of Novell Identity Manager provides employees with the following advantages:


1) Employees may edit title, department, office phone number, and fax number as they appear in the GroupWise address book.


2) Employees may change their password if they know their old password.


3) Employees may change their password if they don't know their old password by answering two of the six challenge questions that they must set.

Use of Novell Identity Manager requires employees ti set responses to the following six challenge questions. Responses to challenge questions must be at least 4 characters long.

IDM Challenge Response
These questions can be used to verify your identity if you forget your password. For all Admin-Defined Questions, provide a response. For all User-Defined Questions, create your own questions and responses.

Admin Defined Challenge Questions


Question: What is the name of the Elementary School you attended?             Response:


Question: What is your mother's maiden name?                                               Response:


Question: What is your favorite animal?                                                            Response:


Question: What city were you born in?                                                              Response:


Question: What is your home zip code?                                                            Response:


Question: What is your favorite food?                                                               Response:


Your Novell password must be updated every 90 days. 


TV Classroom Setup Purchases/Recomendations


Max 55"

Need at least 2 HDMI ports, but prefer 3

VGA port is nice to have

USB port is nice to have

Coax for cable channels


Apple TV

*Will not update on our network, so make sure you use a hotspot when setting up



Purchasing from Best Buy 
55" Westinghouse TV - $399.99 
Apple TV - $64.99 
Chromecast - $27.99 


Ordering From Amazon 
Tilting TV Wall Mount - $24.69