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Data Notebook



Data Notebook Example Files
*For PDF Documents, you will not be able to edit. Use them as examples of what you can create for yourself
Accelerated Reader/ STAR Reading   Assessment Trackers   Fluency Trackers
Accelerated Reader Alert   Assessment Tracker Package 1   Fluency (Word Doc)
Accelerated Reader Contract   Assessment Tracker Package 2   Fluency (PDF Doc)
Accelerated Reader Score Take Home Sheet        
Accelerated Reader Quarterly Progress Chart        
Accelerated Reader Quiz Log   Super Improver   Data Chat Forms
Accelerated Reader Goals   Jungle Theme   ELA/Math/Science (Word Doc)
STAR Reading Progress Monitoring   Punch Cards   ELA/Math/Science (PDF Doc)
    Wall Labels    
Data Charts   Reflections    
Across The Year (PDF Doc)   Data reflection    
Discovery Education   Weekly Reflection Journal    
Quarterly Data Chart 1        
Quarterly Reflections