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School Grade
Year Grade
1999 C
2000 A
2001 C
2002 A
2003 A
2004 A
2005 A
2006 A
2007 A
2008 A
2009 A
2010 B
2011 A
2012 B
2013 C
2014 C
2015 A
2016 C
2017 C


About Beulah

That Was Then...
Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 7.42.33 PM.png
Families that moved from the Baldwin County, Alabama, established the community of Beulah in the 1880 era. One of the early settlers was William Shelby. Mr. Shelby saw a need for a school and donated one and a half acres of land for construction of the first building, which was a log cabin. The original Beulah Elementary had 3 teachers and 12 students.




...And This Is NOW ! ! !

Beulah Elementary moved into a modern school on Helms Road during 1980-1981. The school presently serves kindergarten through fifth grade. The faculty has grown to 73 teachers and now has 980+ students.



Honors of Distinction

Beulah Elementary holds high honors in their record of achievements:

  • A Five Star School
  • High Achievement on FCAT/FSA
  • 100% Parent and Teacher Membership in PTA

Here at Beulah Elementary, we promote joy and learning in a safe, positive and child-centered environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Beulah Elementary School is to provide every opportunity for each child to learn and develop physically, academically, creatively, and emotionally.