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School Grade
Year Grade
1999 C
2000 A
2001 C
2002 A
2003 A
2004 A
2005 A
2006 A
2007 A
2008 A
2009 A
2010 B
2011 A
2012 B
2013 C
2014 C
2015 A
2016 C




2019 *No Grade Statewide


About Beulah

That Was Then...
Old Beulah
Families that moved from the Baldwin County, Alabama, established the community of Beulah in the 1880 era. One of the early settlers was William Shelby. Mr. Shelby saw a need for a school and donated one and a half acres of land for construction of the first building, which was a log cabin. The original Beulah Elementary had 3 teachers and 12 students.




...And This Is NOW ! ! !

New Beulah

Beulah Elementary moved into a modern school on Helms Road during 1980-1981. The school presently serves kindergarten through fifth grade. The faculty has grown to 73 teachers and now has 980+ students.



Honors of Distinction

Beulah Elementary holds high honors in their record of achievements:

  • A Five Star School
  • High Achievement on FCAT/FSA
  • 100% Parent and Teacher Membership in PTA

Here at Beulah Elementary, we promote joy and learning in a safe, positive and child-centered environment.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Beulah Elementary School is to provide every opportunity for each child to learn and develop physically, academically, creatively, and emotionally.